Entity Framework in C# for Beginners to advance Design Db App in SQL

  Entity Framework in C# for Beginners to Design Db App in SQL | Free Certificate Course

Necessities : 

General data on C# and SQL Server 

Depiction : 


With my 20 years programming capacities i'm with you to grant my knowledge to you. 


If you endeavor you will get the hang of using Entity Framework in C# to make information base Apps in C#! 

In case you are novices or understudy looking for an instructional exercise to make information base applications in SQL and Entity Framework in C# in most straightforward way! 

I started from beginning and disclose to you the most ideal approach to : 

Essential bits of component structure 

Download and present component structure in C# adventure 

Build information base Apps in C# by component structure 

Plan Pro Data Entry Forms 

Make Customer information Project in C# 

Load,Save,Delete and New By Entity Framework by C# in SQL 

besides, ... 

Do whatever it takes not to stop for one moment to start learning Entity Framework in C# and SQL! 

All that will be analyzed with test errand and you will have some good times inside my course. 

State Hi EF with SQL and C# world and we should go !!! 

Who this course is for: 

Everyone that necessities to make information base App with Entity Framework in C# and SQL

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