The Complete Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course C|AEHP

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What you'll realize: 

Change your Android Device into an Advance Ethical Hacking Machine 

Instagram Hacking like pro ATTACKER and make people aware of such an attack 

Facebook Hacking like star ATTACKER and make people aware of such an attack 

Any Social Media Hacking as PRO Attacker and make people aware of such an attack 

Metasploit Framework 

Sort out some way to Use Termux from Scratch 

PORT Forwarding 

Clone any Website 

What is Shell ? 

Hammer Scripting 

What is F-Droid and its Importance 

Group Management 

Learn diverse CLI requests and use it like a Pro Penetration Tester 

LAN Attack 

WAN Attack 

Sort out some way to make Persistent Payload 

Computerized Security Terminology 

Metasploit Architecture 

Phishing Attack 

Run Kali Linux in your Android Device without Root 

Made by Debayan Dey 


Android Device 


No Computer 

No Laptop 

Moral Hacking Mindset 

energy to learn 

Offer your sorting out some way to your family , mates and everyone you know by making them careful about the advanced Attacks 

No Illegal Activities 


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Hey Everyone ! 

Welcome to the CAEHP for instance the Complete Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course . 

My name is DEBAYAN DEY and I will be your Instructor for the CAEHP Course. 

CAEHP is one of the Most Comprehensive Real World 100% Hands-On Practical Approach on Android Ethical Hacking...!!! 

As of now this course is proposed for any person who is enthusiastic about sorting out how an attacker attack and get the information from the individual being referred to. 

CAEHP is organized by recollecting that by far most of us are not having workstations or PC machine to work for as a general rule. That is the explanation in this course instructive program , you need not need any PC or PC system. 

Just you need an android device and this entire course is 100% practical based ! 

isn't this bewildering ??? 

Yess , notwithstanding the main thing , you need not to root your Android contraption. 

waaoo !!! so no matter how you look at it , you basically require an android phone and change it into astonishing good hacking machine. 

Lil brief about my name , I am Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) v2 , and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH V10) from EC COUNCIL 

also I am asserted Google IT uphold from Google , and right currently doing micromaster in the Field of Cyber Security from Rochester foundation of advancement (RIT) New York in edx . 

here are very few of my various accomplishments in the field of advanced security , 

Preamble to Cyber Attacks , New York University 

preamble to Cyber security for business , University of Colorado System 

Palo Alto Networks foundation online protection foundation , Palo alto frameworks 

Overall computerized conflicts , The State University of New York 

Computerized Attacks Countermeasures , New York University 

Frameworks organization ans security Architecture with Vmware NSX 

Adventure System Management and security ,University of Colorado System 

Rest we'll have a meet and welcome territory to know various Learners ...!!! 

so whats there in this CAEHP COURSE? 

Regardless of anything else I was unable to need anything over to tell you , that this course isn't confined to time . 

You may see 6 or 7 zone today , when you land in this course following relatively few weeks , you'll see more zones and chronicles are incorporated. so this is the advantage of taking this course you'll get standard updates about the new features and attacks and how you , as an individual can keep yourself from such an attack. 

so as of now in CAEHP course , we have 6 Section + 1 Optional Section and 1 Bonus Section 

Fragment 1 : 

Meet and Greet 

Introduction of the Section 

What is Termux ? 

What is Shell ? 

Why Termux ? 


What is F-Droid ? 

Group Management 

Q/A Session with educator and diverse Social Media availability 

So , we'll turn our Android device to an all out good hacking notable contraption by presenting termux. 

Section 2 : 

Next we'll cover , termux fundamentals by learning diverse CLI orders. 

Presenting TERMUX from Google Play Store 

Limit Setup , Update and Upgrade 

Acknowledge why we use skilled 

covered records , variations 

Distinctive Text Editor 

Sort out some way to check IP 

Diverse other Network Related Commands 

Acknowledge why we change various modes 

Sort out some way to use GIT Repository 

also, impressively more cool stuffs...!!!! 

Territory 3 : 

There after we'll cover one of the most valuable resource in penetration testing and good hacking , for instance Metasploit Framework. 

We'll see how an aggressor make payloads 

perform LAN and WAN i.e neighborhood and wide zone sort out attacks 

using port sending 

furthermore, how the aggressor makes innovative Payload 

Learn BASH Scripting 

likewise, how an aggressors accepts the accountability for the losses wireless and get all the data. 

furthermore, significantly more cool stuffs...!!! 

Region 4 : 

next we'll understand what is Encryption 

what is Decryption 

how we can scramble our records 

how we can Decrypt our records 

Sort out how we can protect our records and coordinators with passwords 

so here we'll cover foundation of 3 huge instruments used for Encryption and Decryption in Linux 

What is SALT in Cyprography ? 

Further we'll sort out how we can perform Encryption and Decryption 

besides, significantly more cool stuffs...!!! 

Territory 5 : 

most stimulating Section 


What is Phishing Attack ? 

We going to sort out how an attacker do phishing attacks. 

here we'll mirror any site 

We'll in like manner sort out how we can clone Facebook , Instagram , twitter or any web based life 

foundation of PHP 

start of PHP worker 

Run the Cloned Website in your LocalHost 

By then moving the records on the web 

Run the Cloned Website Online 

Learn Social Engineering 

Offer the association with the Victim and get the Username and the Password once the Victim endeavors to Login 

also, thereafter making a use of the cloned site 

Offer the Android App with the individual being referred to 

Again sort out some way to do Social Engineering with the objective that the Victim downloads the App 

Get the Username and the Password once the Victim endeavors to Login from the APP 

So in this fragment , we'll see how an attacker sends an association or an application to the individual being referred to and once the loss endeavors to login with login confirmations , impact , setbacks mystery word is with the aggressor . 

likewise, extensively more cool stuffs...!!!! 

Fragment 6 : 

next fragment is basically charming 

we'll see how we can do port sending 

produce a HTTP or HTTPS url Link 

how by basically sending an association an aggressor gets complete camera get to 

also, gets the photographs after each couple of time span of the individual being referred to. 

Next we'll see how to Uninstall such Dangerous Package 

We will sort out some way to stay safe 

Shield from getting Hacked 

Sort out some way to Aware your Family Members and known individual by telling them the best way to remain guaranteed 

likewise, essentially more cool stuffs...!!!! 

Optional SECTION : 

this section named as optioal portion , we going to cover distinctive devices which can be extraordinarily helpful for the set up android device. 

Okay so the people who are having set up android device can encounter this fragment. 

Get the hang of working of Wifi Network 

Acknowledge what is AIRCRACK-NG 

Foundation of the pack 

Sort out some way to use AIRMON-NG 

also, altogether more cool stuffs to be incorporated up...!!!! 


furthermore, last yet not the least we have reward section. 

We'll see how we'll run kali Linux in our Android device 

No convincing motivation to Root your Android Device 

Applications to present 

Foundation of Kali Linux 

Get the hang of using SSH Client 

Change your Android Device into a Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Device 

furthermore, essentially more cool stuffs to be incorporated up...!!!! 

So all the fragments will cover Quizzes , Assignments and Reading Materials . 

Furthermore , all the portions will be invigorated on ordinary reason and new sections will in like manner be incorporated , so whenever you are taken on the course , you'll unquestionably going to learn various techniques how aggressors attack and how we can safe ourselves from getting attacked. 

Most importantly , this course is absolutely for enlightening explanation 

all the attacks which an attacker perform are appeared to you with the objective that you appreciate the advancement and the workmanship behind it and you're not deceived by such a social structure. 

This course is for enlightening and care reason , to make everyone careful and be protected and guarantee your data. 

Its a requesting , benevolently don't play out any criminal activities , Udemy and me ( Debayan Dey ) isn't at risk for your criminal tasks you perform. 

along these lines, Welcome to the universe of complete android Ethical hacking useful course. 

Try not to stop for a second to Reach out whenever of time , I will be happy to Help you , and if you face any PROBLEM , just post your DOUBTS , you will be Answered inside 24hrs to 48hrs of time ..!!!!! 

ARE YOU EXCITED to learn 100% complete convenient course and help your family remain ensured about and safe from data theft and from software engineers ? 

Wish every one of you the best...!!!! 

See you in the course purpose of appearance ....!!!!
Who this course is for: 

Portable Hacking 

Fledglings who need to Learn Cyber Security 

Android Hacking 

Amateurs who are interested about Ethical Hacking 

Amateur BASH Scripting 

Get the hang of Phishing Attack 

PHP Programmers who needs to learn Ethical Hacking 

Learn Social Engineering and help other people by sharing your insight and making them mindful 

Metasploit Framework 

Learning Cryptography
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